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IQ Tax & Accounting Services

What do you need to bring with you to get your Tax refund fast ?


1 - Last year tax return for new clients only

2 - Social Security Numbers (spouses and dependents)

3 - W-2 forms for this year

4 - Birth Dates for spouse and dependents.

5 - Self-Employed Business Expenses.

6 - Any 1099 form or 1098.

7 - Social Security benefits.

8 - Child Care Provider name, address and Tax ID number. “ If you are paying an individual then bring their name, address and social security number “.

9 - Alimony “If you paid or received alimony we need to report how much and the social security number of the payer or recipient”

10 - Form 1098 Mortgage Interest & Real Estate Taxes Paid.

11 - Moving Expenses if you moved more than 50 miles for work.

12 - Charitable Expenses.

13 - Medical Expenses are deductible if more than 10 % of your adjusted gross income.

14 - Estimated Tax Payment made for the year.

15 - Jury Duty Pay.

16 - Adoption Expenses.

17 - K-1 income from Partnerships, S Corporations & Trusts.